Troubled Geography II

                             Troubled Geography 2021

Laura Terré (historian of photography)

“Teniente tries to explain through these photographs the emotional, poetic, even prophetic undertones of scenes that were lived under the shock of terror and violence. A selection that does not censor the explicit image, that does not conceal the injustice and pain, but that emphasises the hope for change, the future as a scenario for the reconstruction of human lives and the recovery of nature. The selection has been carried out by looking beyond the published or award-winning photographs, going back to the origin of sensations and memories, with the constant intention of arousing the mystery that imposes itself without explanation through spontaneous feelings ranging from fear to tenderness”.


Blas González (photographer)

“The photographer’s humanist gaze stands out, attentive to the smallest gestures in which the most terrible suffering takes refuge. Crossing the threshold of the gallery and standing in silence before each of these images of interrupted lives is an exercise in humility and recognition. If these photographs do not move us in our innermost being, if we are not capable of reflecting on the desolation of this tormented geography, hundreds of rolls of film, thousands of kilometres, notebooks, visas and accreditations and boots with which Javier Teniente has topographed the truth will have been of no use. …impeccably edited and resolved, it allows us to approach the work of one of the fundamental Galician authors”.